The Eternal Debate between Cupcakes and Muffins

There is a  blurred line between a cupcake and a muffin. Someone said that muffins are just ugly cupcakes and a cupcake is a muffin with a fancy hat.
Cupcakes and Muffins
Muffins are definitely more than the ‘confused’ cupcakes. Below is the list of things which make muffins and cupcakes differ.

Cupcakes Muffins
Cupcakes are said to be evolved in the United States in the 19th century. Muffins are said to be of European Origin and date back to the 10th century.
Cupcakes are miniature cake which is just enough for one person. Muffins are a form of bread.
Cupcakes are sweet. Muffins can be sweet or savory.
Cupcakes are prepared with the butter and sugar creamed together and then other ingredients are added, one at a time. Muffins are prepared with everything thrown in at once and then mixed together.
Cupcakes are lighter and have a finer crumb. Muffins are dry in texture and are slightly denser.
Cupcakes can be of any flavor but the most popular ones are Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry and Red Velvet. Muffins can be plain, blueberry, Orange, Cranberry, Chocolate Chip, Carrot etc.
Cupcakes are always frosted. Muffins can be glazed but never frosted.
Cupcakes are a delectable treat and are eaten as desserts. Muffins is a snack.
Cupcakes are reserved for special occasions and are usually served in birthday parties and weddings. Muffins are common in everyday life.

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