The Amazing Home Bakers

The other day a friend posted her review of a very well-known bakery in South Delhi on a Facebook food group. She had ordered a cake from that bakery and she found a finger nail in it. She was aghast. When she called them, no apologies whatsoever were given. The Store Manager told her that it must have been an almond slice or a piece of cashew instead of a finger-nail. I was shocked at their response and was thinking how the home bakers take care of hygiene and every other minute detail. That is why the products made by home bakers taste absolutely divine- much better in flavor, texture and presentation than what is available in any shop.

At, I have had the opportunity to meet a lot of home bakers. While interacting with them, it was quite obvious that almost all of them did it because they were in love with baking- their motivation was their passion for baking, not money and profits. Because of this, they will not substitute quality ingredients for low cost substitutes. For example, they will use butter as shortening and not low cost margarine or vegetable oil that even the best of bakeries also use to reduce costs.

Home Baked Treats

That bakery’s response also reminded me of an incident. had put up a stall at Comic Con, New Delhi in February 2014. Nicola, who was managing the show, was turning the cake up and while doing that, the whole cake fell flat on the ground. Without any second thoughts, we threw that cake out even though we could have salvaged about sixty pieces from it. We also had Strawberry Bavarian Cake for Comic Con and had frosted it with whipped cream and fresh Strawberry. During winters, cakes usually last for a little more than a day but within the slightly warmer confines of the exhibition hall it started getting spoilt towards the end of the day. So, instead of toying with our home baker’s (Nicola) reputation and ours we threw it all away (close to a hundred pieces).

That’s what I love about the amazing home bakers. The motto that they stand by is, what they can’t ask their kids to eat, they will never serve it to others.

Yes, most of home baked treats are expensive. And that is precisely because they use the finest ingredients and bake the way it should be done. They do not cut corners and do not produce it in bulk. They will make sure that it is perfect for you to savor every bite of their creation.

Their day is made when they see the delight on your face. 🙂

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