Not Western any more

We Indians always get accused of being overly influenced by the Western lifestyle. Regardless, there are quite a few western imports that have been adopted in India and are quickly becoming a part of our lifestyle.

Bachelorette CakeBachelorette parties
This also goes by “Hen’s Night” where the girl’s girlfriends get together and celebrate the last few days of their friend’s bachelorhood. The theme is usually naughty with kinky decor and a cake to match the theme. Indian weddings are quite traditional but this wild girlie night out is adding a contrast to the conservative wedding and is becoming an “in” with the new brides-to-be.
Floral Wedding CakeWedding celebrations
“Hum Aapke Hain Kaun” revolutionized the Indian weddings and glorified every aspect of the ceremony. We love weddings where celebrations go on for ten days and more. The engagement, the sagan, the cocktails, the bachelorette party, sangeet or mehndi ki raat are a must these days. We like to meet, greet, eat, dance and enjoy the festivities together.
Wedding cakes is primarily a western concept but it is now an important part of the grand Indian wedding. Wedding cakes can be matched to the decor or the bride’s outfit. Indian couples are also experimenting with different colors and different themes like a desi bollywood or a henna design, a jewellery themed cake or just a simple floral one.
Baby Shower CakesBaby showers
Baby shower parties have started gaining popularity in India too. This is a women centric ceremony that is mostly held in the afternoons and is similar to the Indian custom of godbharai. The would-be-mother is showered with gifts for her and the yet to be born baby. Usually friends organize it for would be mom and it involves games and activities sprinkled with ample cries of laughter. The baby shower cake is the center of attraction in this ceremony. These cakes are usually made with pastel colors with a lot of scope for innovation in the cake’s design.
Themed CakesTheme parties
While I was growing up, my birthdays were usually celebrated at home with a few friends coming over. We played some games together and ate home cooked food prepared lovingly by my mother. It was a different age then and today, there is no dearth of options. You can choose from a wide variety of themes – whether it is a birthday party or any other celebration. The decor, cakes, return gifts, games are customized according to the theme you choose. Theme parties are quite a rage with kids today with the most popular themes being- Superhero, Barbie, Krishna, Mickey Mouse, Star Wars, Princess etc.

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