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The story so far. I wanted to send a cake to a friend’s birthday in Bangalore in late 2012. As usual, I turned to Mr. Google to figure how to go about this and up popped a list of options. The usuals- Chocolate Truffle, Black Forest or a Pineapple Cake. Naah, those are boring. I didn’t want to send the run of the mill stuff but wanted to send something really nice & different (like an Orange Cake or a Peach Cake or Apple Cinnamon Cake or may be Chocolate Mousse Cake).

Now I have always liked home bakers. I know that with them I would be assured of the quality as they use the best ingredients. I made some 10 calls to different home bakers in Bangalore. Everyone was ready to take the order but then I also wanted to get it home delivered. Most of them said that they do not deliver and the ones who agreed were charging me almost the same cost as the cake. Ultimately, I had to settle down for the usual Chocolate Vanilla Cake.

The bulb switched on! I realized that many of us might have faced similar problems. There is always an option of buying it off the shelf, like I ended up doing that time, but the taste of a freshly baked cake is just divine and frankly cannot be compared with a cake off the assembly line. That’s when I thought of starting an online patisserie- where you could have a wide variety of all possible confectioneries- Tea Cakes, Chocolate Cakes, Cheesecakes, Cupcakes, Pies, Tarts, Macarons. Cookies and even special diet products like low fat, gluten-free, Sugar-free products. 

Fast forward two years. I am an entrepreneur. Of cakes. Of pies. Of tarts. And of such sweet little bites from heaven. We now prepare on order and deliver fresh home baked cakes and confectioneries made by the best home bakers in the city at your doorstep. Currently our services are limited to South Delhi & Gurgaon (Give us a big big order and we can come to you doorstep around town also 😉 ). In any case we plan to expand to the entire National Capital Region so that all you sweet people of Delhi can bite into heavenly home baked confectioneries which just melts in the mouth. 🙂


  1. Love it 🙂 I have always found Fresh..Home-Baked Cakes more delicious, healthy and guilt-free than the ones available in market. Thank you!!!

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