Frequently Asked Questions- Customised Cakes

What is

We are an old-school dessert store, offering chemical & preservative-free desserts. We bake everything from scratch and respect the ingredients that go into our products. We like to experiment with flavours and love to serve you our delicious wholesome desserts.

When can I book my cake?

Earlier the better, as we do few orders every day to make sure that the best product goes out of our kitchen. However, at times we do receive last-minute requests, and we always try our best to accommodate those too depending on our schedule. For short-notice orders, you can call/Whatsapp us at +91-9650857405 to check if we can take it up for that particular date.

Do you do customised cakes?

Yes, we do. We have been designing cakes in every shape, size & theme for more than 10 years. You can send us the design which you like, or else we can send you options based on your design & budget.

What kind of customisations are possible?

The sky’s the limit. We can do customisation of any kind. We offer a wide range of flavours. You can choose your favourite flavour, design, characters, egg/eggless option and so on.

Can you do customised cakes without fondant?

Most of our cakes are without fondant. We only use fondant when it’s needed for the design like a 3D character or any other 3D element. If you want a completely non-fondant cake, we have done quite a few and can send you options for that as well.

What is the minimum weight requirement of your cakes?

Our minimum quantity for all cakes is 1kg. Sometimes, we might ask you to increase the weight depending on the design.

What about 2 or 3 tier cake?

For two tiers, we need a minimum weight of 3kgs.
For 3 tiers, the minimum weight requirement is 7kgs.

I need a 4kg cake but I want it to be 3-tiers. Is it possible?

Yes, we can use dummy tiers in that cake. We could do one of the tiers as dummy and the rest can be the actual cake.

How do I confirm the order?

You can call/whatsapp us at +91-9650857405. Our team is very responsive and we will get back as soon as we can.

  • Choose the flavour which you like
  • Speak to our experienced cake designer & finalise your design
  • Confirm the order & make an online payment (bank transfer/ UPI/Paytm))
  • Woohoo!! Your cake is booked for that day

Do you deliver or do we need to pick it up?

We would prefer if you can pick up your cake as we feel that this is the safest option. If you need delivery, we send cakes through Uber Sedan/Premier cab. Someone will have to come outside to collect it from the Uber driver as door delivery is not possible in that case.

I need the exact replica of my design?

We bake and handcraft everything from scratch so an exact replication is not possible. We use the best tools/techniques to replicate your design and most of the time our designs turn out better than the reference picture given. Each hand is unique, hence there would be some differences in the design and the colour.
While choosing the base colour, we would suggest choosing light base colour as dark shades are not healthy to consume, especially for kids.